We understand how important it is to have a top of the line candle with amazing scents and a beautiful crackle sensation. A little about the name Sixteen Twenty-Five Luxe LLC. Inspired by a couple that call the numbers 16 and 25 their "Numbers of Greatness!" These numbers represent their birthdays and days they believe should be celebrated very special. Luxe became apart of the title because providing luxury products is the only way to share something amazing with the world. Our mission is to offer high-quality wooden wick candles while providing our customers with a candle made with love. The love that have you in mind. Sixteen Twenty-Five Luxe LLC was created for customers like you, by customers like you. We pour with consistency you can count on, and a pleasurable smell that will bring joy in your heart making whatever space you are in be lit with memories to last a lifetime. At Sixteen Twenty-Five Luxe LLC  we take pride in knowing we can share these moments with you. We know each space is unique and take that to heart. Joy, laughter, and love is what we pour into our candles. We hope to fill your space with just that. Where you find these three you find family. Family is what Sixteen Twenty-Five Luxe LLC is built on because family cares and so do we. Our team is dedicated to offering our customers first class customer service, regular communication, flexibility, and thorough knowledge of our products and services. All of our products are hand poured with love in the Natural State, Arkansas. 

Baby the Diamond Car Refreshers are everything!!!! It smells so fresh and light in my car. It's not too strong, it's just right. I will be buying more!!

Tina McKinney

I LOVE THIS CANDLE!! The smell (Deep) is warm and lovely and oh so comforting. I will definitely be purchasing again. 

Lauran Walker

Who knew?! The “Caribbean” on wheels! The scent is literally a breath of fresh air every time I get into my car! Can’t wait to try my next scent. 

CarLeisha Custis
Absolutely In love with my wood wick candle! The smell is amazing, not too strong but not too subtle either. It doesn’t give off that terrible smell when I blow it out and burns slow. I’ll be back to get more
Brandia Todd